There’s No Trucking Like Colorado Trucking

A portion of Colorado lies in the Rocky Mountain region and has the highest mean altitude of all states. Truckers use over 185,480 total lane miles and travel high enough to see some of the most beautiful sights ever imagined.5 Besides the impressive scenery, truck drivers can also wind down and enjoy the state’s rich environment and entertaining culture.

Drivers can roll through town to see one of the two hundred-plus wildlife areas or to attend Denver’s annual Western Stock Show.

There are dozens of reasons to take your trucking expertise to Colorado. Perhaps the most important is the need to safely transport goods and products through cold, mountains, and often snowy conditions. Face it—Colorado truckers are superheroes!


The Colorado Motor Carries Association (CMCA) unites the trucking industry and its business strength throughout the state. CMCA offers training, education, and other programs. The association also provides:

  • Technical assistance
  • Information and safety compliance clarification, and
  • Member benefit programs

Some events held and hosted throughout the year, include:

  • Tournaments, Championships, and Competitions
  • Safety Awards Banquets, Events, Fundraisers, and
  • Conventions and Conferences


CMCA’s Safety Management Council (SMC) has over 300 member companies and meets monthly to disseminate information. The council promotes professionalism and safety in the trucking industry by sponsoring various awards and recognition programs and safety education courses.

Work and Wages

Out of the nine-million-plus American jobs in the trucking industry, approximately 5,957 total local truck driver jobs are in Colorado.

In May 2020, the median annual wage for heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers was $47,130.

Drivers in Colorado earn an average annual salary of $52,105.


Seventy-one percent of all U.S. freight is moved by trucking, and truckers generate about 5 percent of America’s GDP.

Colorado’s natural resources, livestock, high-tech manufacturing, and military-industrial products support hundreds of thousands of truck driver jobs.

Colorado truckers can expect to move freight such as:

  • Beef and Pork cuts
  • Integrated circuits
  • Medical instruments
  • Aircraft parts, and
  • Orthopedic appliances


Colorado is bordered by seven states and has no navigable rivers. The state has lots of accessible interstates and major highways. Major interstates in Colorado include:

  • I-70 from the Kansas border to Denver
  • I-76 the northeast corner of the state to Denver
  • I-8 from Yuma to San Diego
  • I-25 from Denver southward to Trinidad, and
  • I-80 from Reno, Nevada to Oakland