Texas isn’t just BIG: It’s Trucking BIG!

If you’re wondering just how big the trucking industry is in Texas, then saddle up and hold on tight. With over 260,000 square miles of total land area, there’s no shortage of interstate highways, public roadways, transportation companies, or commodities to transport. Trucking across Texas could take 15-20 hours from border to border!

In Texas:

  • There’s over 3,200 interstate (centerline) mileage—more than any other state
  • Over 300,000 miles of public roadway, and
  • 12% of vehicle miles traveled annually is by trucks

Advocacy, Networking, and Community

The Texas Trucking Association (TXTA) is among the vast network that prides itself on servicing the transportation industry. The association embraces an extensive community to support its members.

According to TXTA’s president, John D. Esparza, there’s “strength in numbers.”

The association drives those numbers through public advocacy for members to ‘unite behind a cause’ and serve as ‘a voice for trucking in the state of Texas.

Employment, Careers, and Wages

The US employs over 3.6 million professional drivers. Texas has over 66,000 trucking companies, together, employing over 185,000 truck drivers. In fact, 1 in 16 Texans is employed by the industry.

That means there are a lot of trucking jobs and opportunities, not only for drivers but for businesses as well.

The BLS reports Texas leading employment numbers for Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers, followed by California, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Texas drivers earn an average annual wage of $47,430.

Economic Impact of Texas Freight

Texas is ranked #1 for exports and moves over 1.2 billion tons of freight on its highways annually. The state’s primary commodities include mainly agriculture products.

  • 73% of good manufactured in Texas are transported by truck
  • 85% of trade between Texas and Mexico, the top international destination for Texas exports, is handled by trucks
  • 17 international vehicular bridges accommodate commercial import/export traffic with US Customer Services.

Sharing the Road

Texas drivers are no stranger to sharing the road. Texas:

  • has the largest highway and interstate networks in the nation.
  • is second in population and vehicle miles traveled annually to California.
  • has several vital highways that connect with the western, southern and eastern U.S. economic centers.

Safety Matters

TXTA engages in various safety efforts, including education sessions, action programs, and more. The SMC council works cooperatively with compliance enforcement bodies to promote strong safety networking between carrier members and participants within the council.