Maine Trucking Makes It Simple

Eastport, Maine, is the easternmost point in the U.S. and the first place in the nation to receive morning sunshine.3 Maine truck drivers can enjoy seamless traffic at the crack of day and begin simple routes. The state’s paper, agriculture, fishing, lumber, and textiles industries provide enough resources for truckers to haul across the state line to New Hampshire or north and east to Canada.


According to its website, the Maine Motor Transport Association (MMTA) is “made up of a wide and diverse membership who actively seek ways to positively impact highway safety and provide leadership on other issues that impact Maine’s future.”

Freight Economy

Trucks moved 71.4% of all domestic freight tonnage, generating $796.7 billion in annual revenue in 2018.

Maine truckers primarily transport:

  • Fresh/chilled lobsters
  • Aircraft including engines, parts
  • Natural gas
  • Integrated circuits
  • Chemical wood pulp
  • Coniferous rough wood
  • Paper, paperboard


Maine has approximately 49,000 total lane miles of roadway. The only route out of state (other than Canada) is on Interstate highway 950 (I-950) through New Hampshire.

Work and Wages

In 2019 there were roughly 33,690 trucking industry jobs in Maine.1 As of 2020, there were 5,300 trucking companies in the state.

Maine has about 695 total local truck driver jobs.

The average annual salary of a Maine truck driver is approximately $56,610, and in May 2020, the BLS reported a median yearly salary of $47,130.