Mississippi Trucking

A part of Mississippi’s southern charm may be the casino industry that boomed in the late 1980s.3 Truckers can haul goods to the casinos and hang around for a leisure visit. Drivers who prefer a slower pace may indulge in the state’s 100,000 plus acres of catfish ponds.3 Fishing and other major industries like agriculture, casinos manufacturing, and mining give truck drivers the momentum they need to enjoy work and leisure in the state.


The Mississippi Trucking Association is a 300 plus member firm that serves as a safety resource, provides education, advocacy, and member services to promote the trucking industry.

Freight Economy

Trucks move more freight domestically than any other form of transportation, generating about 5 percent of the American GDP.[9][6] Mississippi’s proximity to the Gulf Coast and New Orleans help fuel the economy.10 Products primarily moved by truck drivers in Mississippi include:

  • Petroleum oils
  • Cotton
  • Medical/dental instruments
  • Automobiles
  • Natural gas (liquid)


Mississippi is bordered by four states and the Gulf of Mexico.

There are approximately 162,088,000 total lane miles of roadway and 840 total mileage of interstate highway comprised of six major routes.

Work and Wages

Mississippi has roughly 4,202 total local truck driver jobs.

The average annual salary of a Mississippi truck driver is approximately $50,444, and in May 2020, the BLS reported a median yearly salary of $47,130.