Truckers Win Big in Nevada

Nevada is known for its infamous cities like Las Vegas and Reno, where tourists travel from all around the world hoping to win big in the casinos. But winning in the trucking industry doesn’t require much of a gamble.

Nicknamed the Silver State, Nevada has one of the richest mineral regions of the country. It’s the second largest gold-producing state in the world.

To sum it up, the money to be made in Nevada isn’t just for tourists. The state’s top three exports — gold, slot machine-type devices, and machine circuits, help the trucking industry win big!

Let’s face it. Who would trust their gold and slot machines with anyone other than a professional trucker?


In 2020 trucks hauled 11.84 billion tons of freight in the USA and drove more than an estimated 140 billion miles annually.

Primary products moved by truck drivers in Nevada are:

  • Gold
  • Games operated by token/coin/credit card
  • Integrated circuits
  • Copper ores
  • Unmounted diamonds
  • Miscellaneous coins
  • Computer parts, and
  • Cell phones


Nevada is bordered by California, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, and Utah. The state’s public roadway system totals 101,000 lane miles and 1,000 miles of interstate. Interstates in the area are:

  • I-11 from Arizona state line to Henderson
  • I-15 from California state line to Arizona
  • I-80 from California state line to Utah


The Nevada Trucking Association (NTA) promotes the interests of the trucking and bus industries. The association’s goal is to continue uniting the many different companies which make up the motor carrier industry in Nevada. NTA has an insurance program specifically for trucking industry professionals.

Some member benefits include:

  • Free legal counsel
  • Assistance with special permits and transportation laws, and
  • Medical/health-related benefits,

Work and Wages

There are more than 9 million American jobs in the trucking industry and about 15.5 million trucks operating on US roads and highways.

The median annual wage for heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers was $47,130 in May 2020.

There are about 1,230 total local truck driver jobs in Nevada, and drivers in the state earn an average annual salary of $53,297.


The Nevada DOT encourages all drivers always to drive safely and follow the important driving safety tips.

The Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) is a core Federal-aid program that requires a data-driven, strategic approach to improving highway safety on all public roads with a focus on performance.