Trucking in West Virginia

The scenic state of West Virginia is located in the Appalachian Mountains and has a lot of historical and other attractions.3 The state ranks second in U.S. coal production. However, 62% of its exports are not coal. West Virginia’s major industries include chemicals, biotech, energy, aerospace, and automotive.3 West Virginia-based truckers haul different goods from various companies tied to the state’s major industries.


According to its website, the West Virginia Trucking Association (WVTA) is a “statewide, non-profit association of trucking companies, private fleet operators, industry suppliers, and other firms and individuals interested in the well-being of motor transportation at the local, state and national level.”1

Freight Economy

West Virginia truck drivers primarily ship:

  • Coal
  • Large spark-ignition engines
  • Polyamides
  • Aluminum plates
  • Aircraft including engines, parts
  • Propylene copolymers
  • Polyethers
  • Acyclic aldehydes
  • Unsaturated polyesters
  • Gas/smoke analysis apparatus


West Virginia is 24,038 square miles and bordered by Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Kentucky.

The state’s total roadway miles is roughly 80,167.5About 375 miles make up the interstate system and include major highways, like, I-64 and I-70.

Work and Wages

West Virginia has approximately 4,118 total local truck driver jobs.

The average annual salary of truck drivers in the state is about $50,537, and in May 2020, the BLS reported an annual median salary of $47,130 for Heavy and Tractor-trailer Truck Drivers.

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