Maryland Truckers Move the Dial for its Economy

Maryland has 12,407 square miles, twenty-four counties, and is home to about six million people.13 Although the area is relatively small compared to other U.S. states, Maryland has big opportunities for truck drivers.

Known for its tasty seafood and landmarks like Antietam National Battleground, Assateague Island, Baltimore Harbor, and the Chesapeake Bay, it’s no secret that the state has millions of visitors each year.

By producing more blue crabs and soft clams than any other U.S. state and having so many historical attractions, the state taps into the indispensable truck driving services that support the state’s economy and major industries.

Advocacy, Safety, and Compliance

Maryland Motor Truck Association (MMTA) is a non-profit, member-driven trade organization representing 1000 member companies. The association’s mission is “To support and advocate for a safe, efficient and profitable trucking industry across all sectors and industry types, regardless of size, domicile or type of operation.”

MMTA strengthens the trucking industry through advocacy, education, regulatory assistance, and discounts.

Some programs and services offered by MMTA are:

  • Councils and Chapters
  • Special Events
  • Championships and Competitions, and
  • Workshops and Training


Trucks transport seventy percent of all U.S. freight.7 Almost 11 billion tons of freight were moved in 2017 alone.8 Most Maryland truck driver jobs are for LTL, but Maryland truckers move various products through the state. A few primary products are:

  • Natural gas
  • Bombs, mines
  • Miscellaneous aircraft parts, and
  • Coal


Truck drivers can access Maryland from New Hampshire to the west, Canada to the northwest, north, and east. The state has 71,129 total lane miles, including 658 interstate highways.

Some major highways and roads in the state are:

  • I-68
  • I-70 N and I-70 S
  • I-83, and
  • I-95

Work and Wages

One out of every 14 American jobs belongs to the trucking industry.7 The local truck driver workforce reached 1,160,023 in 2020!

In May 2020, the BLS reported a median annual salary of $47,130 for Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers.

There are about 5,371 local truck driver jobs in Maryland, and the state’s annual average salary for drivers is around $58,613.